EWF 900 & 1000

EXTRA WIDE FLOTATION. The flotation track for soft and wet grounds. The distribution of flotation and grip is 90/10.

The track plate is well proven from the entrepreneurial side and gives the best possible flotation. The design with its' rounded edges, combined with an uplifted link system makes the tracks go smoothly and saves fuel.




Every other plate has a frictional bar welded on top, to ensure a perfect grip between the tire and the track. The link system width is adapted to different types of tires.  

Quick delivery directly from our own stock in Charlottenberg. 


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EWF 900

Asymmetric version which only adds to the outside. If you're short of space on the inside of the tires this is the perfect choice. 

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EWF 1000

This is the widest track plate with rounded edges on both sides to ensure maximum flotation. 

Choose the EWF 900 or the EWF 1000? Other questions?
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